Samens Shares His Radio Experience

The Chief Executive Officer of Citi TV and FM, Samuel Attah-Mensah has shared his 25 years’ experience in the radio industry.

25 years ago I got into something I never thought would lead me where I am today, Radio! It started like child’s play but quickly became an occupation.

Milestones were defined by joy, pain, tears, mistakes and great successes. From the Making of Joy FM to the Making Citi FM. I saw the industry form from its inception of 1,2,3 radio stations Joy FM, Radio Gold, Groove FM.

I saw the formation of IRBA (Independent Radio Broadcasters Association), the formation of APBC (Association of Private Broadcasting Companies) and eventually GIBA.

I have superintended over 6 National Elections and introducing the roaming reportage in the year 2000 with my initial team made up of Komla Dumor, Paul Adom-Otchere and Stan Xoese Dogbe.

There’s so much to be said about my media journey. It used to be so much fun and excitement but the same cannot be said of today.

There are experiences that I have kept. There are painful moments that I have swallowed. There are joyous moments that I have shared with many but there are still untold stories. I’m still thinking of writing a book but for now please join me in saying To God be the Glory.



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