Highlife Musician, Kofi Nti has accused fellow Musician, Ofori Amponsah of being greedy and a cheat.

According to Kofi Nti in collaboration with the late Kofi B and Ofori Amponsah they produced a track but after the death of Kofi B, Ofori Amponsah has come out with the track without his consent.

“The track is mine and I paid him for the work he did on the track.I have Mobile Money evidence that I paid Ofori Amponsah,” Kofi Nti disclosed.

Kofi Nti also indicated that Ofori Amponsah always accuses Lumba of being a cheat but he is equally doing the same.

“Since the death of Kofi B, Ofori Amponsah has never called me to find out about the death of Kofi B. I only met him during the One Week Celebration of Kofi B.I have seen that the he has ganged up with K.K. Fosu. Ofori Amponsah has no good intention about me.” Kofi Nti revealed.

Ofori Amponsah

Kofi Nti  also disclosed that he is coming out with a Gospel track with Brother Sammy. He came out with his first  first album  titled ” Wake Up” in 2002.

He indicated that he nearly quit music because of the lyrical content of some of the Musicians.



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