A leading Member of the Convention People Party(CPP) Ivor Greenstreet express worry about the impact of COVID-19 in Italy and the quarantine of his son.

Italy is the worse hit country in Europe, it has recorded over six thousand deaths since the outbreak of the disease.

A leading Member of the CPP and the 2016 Presidential candidate of the party, Ivor Greenstreet has express his sentiments about the negative impact of COVID-19 on Italy.

Ivor Greenstreet wrote on his Facebook Wall, “I was in Rome with my family at the Vatican Sistene Chapel just last August. Today my son in the picture is quarantined and when I also see the scenes in Italy, my heart just bleeds. Such a beautiful country; such a beautiful people.”

Ivor and son at Vatican Sistene Chapel

Ivor Greenstreet also express his wish that such a disaster would not befall any country, “May such a disaster never befall and overrun our nation and the rest of the world. My brothers and sisters: We are all Spirit, Soul and Body. It is natural to pray and seek the face of Higher power and divine intervention. Let us all take part in today’s prayers in our own way and not make it about religion or denomination. God Bless Our Homeland Ghana.”


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