Fulanis Are always Attacked In The Country

Spokesperson of Tabital Pulakuu International a Fulani Group in Ghana, Ahmed Barry has condemned attacks on Fulanis in the country.

Mr Ahmed Barry noted that Fulanis are always attacked and killed but the media do not report about it and the security agencies also fail to act when they are attacked which is worrying.

Fulanis across the country are calling on Ghanaians and the security agencies to treat them equal since they are also Ghanaians.

He said Fulanis are always discriminated upon and are tagged with every criminal activity that happens in Ghana.

He said Fulanis are killed across the country but are not reported, killed but no justice for them and still been treated like orphans.

Mr Barry noted that a community has been attacked by indigenes from Kayora Nakong in Upper East Region of Ghana in the Kasena Nankana  District, burnt their houses and properties leaving them homeless.

“Those Fulanis have been there over 40 years ago rearing their cattle’s without any problem so why must they be attacked,” he lamented.

He therefore called on His Excellency the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to seek for justice and equal treatment for all Fulanis.

Mr. Barry appealed to the media to desist from linking every robbery to Fulanis but rather mention the name of culprit.

Source: first1news.com 








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