Executive Secretary National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, Dr. Prince Hamid Armah has hit back at media  houses who have published stories concerning his scholarship from GETFUND.

Dr. Armah  noted that “First of all, had any of these media houses attempted the barest due diligence, including but not limited to a check on my publicly available records, they would have noticed that my studies at the Aberdeen University in the United Kingdom predated my entry into public service by at least three years.”

Dr. Armah noted that he is indeed a proud and grateful recipient of a Ghana Education Trust Fund scholarship.

“That I applied for and won the scholarship in 2012 to study for a doctorate in Mathematics Education at the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom in 2012.That not only was this scholarship deserved, it was validated, if that were needed, by several awards and grants awarded by various institutions in the United Kingdom during my period of study.”

He also added that after the completion of his studies he came back to the country support and bring to fore the knowledge he had acquired, “That in fulfillment of the promise I made, I immediately returned to Ghana after my studies, despite the opportunity and ability to remain in the UK to take up more lucrative appointments.”

He urged the public to disregard any false publication about his scholarship, “ I urge the public to disregard this palpably false story that is driven purely by the worst political instincts that we must work to banish from my nation, while we actively work to expand opportunity and bridge the social and economic inequalities in our nation, a task I am fully committed to in my duties at the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment.”




















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