The Bono Regional Police Command has arrested Abdulai Karim for robbing and raping women in the Sunyani Municipality.

According to the Police, Abdulai Karim has so far raped 11 women in Sunyani and its environs the last three rape cases happened in two weeks.

Addressing a presser in Sunyani, the Bono Regional Police Commander DCOP Owusu Boateng said the Abdulai Karim has been on the police wanted list since 2019.

DCOP Boateng disclosed that Karim who is a resident of Yawhima in the Sunyani Municipality was arrested on February 23, 2020 at his hideout in a hotel in Sunyani. He was put before the Sunyani District Court B and has been remained in Police Custody to assist in investigations into other crimes he is involved.

“The  modus operandi of Abdulai Karim is that he always covers his face with a mask before he attacks his victims and before does this he puts off the main electricity meter of the house and when the victims come out to check as what has happened to their lights he attacks them , rob and rape them.”

An accomplice in one of Karim’s operations has also been arrested by the police. DCOP Boateng admonished residents of Sunyani and its environs especially women to avoid dark places at night.
















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